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Monday, February 27, 2012

Catchy as hell bubblefunk.

ESG-style polyrhythmic post-disco on a tropical-pop trip, they’ve taken lo-fi indie and injected it with attitude and swagger. Featuring a bass line that forces your body into convulsive thrusting movements and a vocal line that will make hipster boys across the land go weaker at the knees than a 70% sale at Urban Outfitters with a bonus wink from the checkout girl.

“I know I don’t want no one suffocating me / If you love someone it should feel good to let them breath”. BREAKDOWN. Get involved below. This is pure lust, oh so seaxy!

Friends - I´m His Girl Brooklyn, NY

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Suffocation and Not in Love sparkle like pristine synth pop should, even if they sound like they’ve been put through a shredder, a nouveau nihilism.

Crystal Castles has the habit of bringing in outside influence to create a masterpiece. For their single release of Platinum Blonde's "Not in Love," they employed The Cure's Robert Smith to turn an adequate cover into a work of art. Magnificent vocals accompanied by Crystal Castles' signature electronic beats create a tone that reaches far beyond any one demographic of listener.

Crystal Castles - Not In Love (feat. Robert Smith) Toronto, Canada
Crystal Castles - Not In Love (con exclusión de Roberto Herrero) Toronto, Canada

Alice Glass was born in 1988 in Toronto, Ontario. At the age of 14 she ran away to live in a squat community of punks and drug addicts. A week after she turned 15, she was approached by Ethan Cat, her fellow band member. He had just seen her play in her all-girl crust-punk band, Fetus Fatale. Cat was impressed by her performance, saying he thought he had found an "undiscovered poet" and the "missing ingredient" to his music.

Crystal Castles - Suffocation Toronto, Canada might be like cast adrift in a vortex of deafening pain without a safety hat. But soon, you get the feeling you could do anything in the world, but that 'anything' would ultimately mean nothing. Crystal Castles marks a nuanced emotional save territory that dance music never covered before...

Saturday, February 18, 2012

By all means, this is not what we are applying:

In a overly-hyped, but dawning era of AIDS in the 1980's, masterbation and abstinence were considered essential safety behaviors - masterbation being the Safety Dance.

A similar song was Billy Idol's "Dancing With Myself".

"Where's Perry?", Freddy asked.

"Oh, he's probably in the bathroom doing the Safety Dance", replied Liberace.

Also, you can always do an AIDS test. It´s free and you´ll be out of the clinic in minutes, I assure you.

Depeche Mode - Never Let Me Down Again (Eric Sheridan Prydz Remix) Essex, UK

The Housemartins - Happy Hour Hull, UK
Many of the Housemartins' lyrics were a mixture of Marxist politics and Christianity, reflecting singer Paul Heaton's beliefs at the time.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

"You are not Reagan, I'm not Gorbachev, so don't try, eh? I said, 'I want to fuck her.'" - Serge Gainsburg

Charlotte Gainsbourg, has been a recording artist in France since 1984, when she duetted with her dad on a song he wrote called "Lemon Incest." The song's title is a pun on "lemon zest," and the song caused an understandably large controversy over then-twelve-year-old Charlotte singing deliberately ambiguous lyrics referring to the love between an adult and a child.

The video didn't help matters (or, depending on your point of view, helped them immeasurably), showing Gainsbourg, shirtless and in jeans, and Charlotte, wearing a shirt and panties, lying on a bed. Predictably, the song was a hit.

On other notes.
Let´s dance.

Whitney Houston - How will I know (Van Hooft & Forever Kid Remix) Newark, NJ


"I try not to explain songs all that much. Because, I’ve had the experience of thinking a song was about one thing, and being all for it, and then reading something about the artist where they’ve said ‘that’s actually about taking my cat to a vet". - Annie Erin Clark (Born: September 28, 1982)

Lebla: Hello. Ammmm... yes, so, though we get the feeling this family has good intentions about what they're doing at the beginning, you get the impression this isn't the first time they've kidnapped.

Ian Kibbey: Lo. Oh Yeah. Mhm. Everyday I´m shufflin´! If you take a good look, there are some bones and tattered hats at the bottom of the grave-- maybe it has been re-dug recently. We wanted the family to have a sadness to them, but the distance from victim to aggressor is very short. They want a mom, and this person might work out. If she doesn't, they'll fucking kill her...

Corey Creasey: ...Or they'll get a new one!!! What? Yes, oh sorry, Ian, but may I say something? Good. Well, the mom is disposable. It feels like the family is frozen in time. We wanted the kidnapping scene to be violent, but we also wanted the family to be likable and not your quintessential serial killers.

Lebla: Why do you think Annie's character stays with this family?

Ian Kibbey: It gets complicated when you realize that the front door is not locked. It's almost like Stockholm syndrome where she wants to be accepted and provide what these people need. Why does everybody set themselves up for disappointment?! Why do people return to the same place for fucking Christmas when they know fucked up shit is going to happen? We're gluttons for punishment. Fuck, let´s just go to the carnival guys. Festivities include fucking calypso, soca and steelpan performances, many of them in large, competitive formats.

lebla: Form hats?

Ian Kibbey: Go fuck yourself.

St.Vincent - Cruel Dallas, Texas

Baby you can have it all

"Initiation is a song pulsing with evil. The Weeknd has lured a naïf into his web of iniquity and is taking her innocence, turning her out, and practically taking her soul".

You can read more about the possible meaning of the song here. It´s quite well reviewed, actually. However, not sure if he means drugs when he talks about introducing her to his boys, or them
gangbanging her.

The Weeknd - Initiation Tronno, Canadianna

On The Girl In "Purple Swag":

Her name's Anna. She's from Harlem. She's 22, or she's about to be 23 if she's not 23 already. She's cool. She's fun. That's really the person she is. She does use the [word "nigga"] all the time – you know, she's cool like that. She smokes. She drinks. She's cool...she's sexy. She's cute.

She was just one of my friends. She's so crazy, her with the grilles and everything, I was like “Yo, we need to do a video with you rapping along to the lyrics.” For “Purple Swag,” I always knew I wanted to use a girl for that part, and she just was perfect, so we used her. She just was having fun the whole time, lip syncing and shit.

Don´t miss the eye toke at 00:50...

A$AP Rocky - Purple Swag Harlem, NY

Nouveau clip d'un des albums majeurs de l'année, passé totalement inaperçu pour le public français...!

le bla: "You recorded the album in French. A lot of acts, if they want international success, wimp out and sing in English".

Julie Budet: "Au début nous thought it would be a problém for us to get out of le France. It’s very difficult for a français band to get out of le France! But writing in English is too complicated. Nous not fluent, so nous can’t présenter feelings".

le-bla: "From the translations, there’s a lot of subtlety and subversion to the lyrics. Much of that gets lost when your audience can’t speak French".

Grand Marnier: "Nous write for français people, un fondamentalement—personnes who understand what nous say. Nous don’t like sombre et intellectual lyrics. Nous want to write some simple stuff that will interact with people’s minds, un to produce something nous want …hold on, where’s le fucking dictionary? [Background chatter in French.] Nous want everything to be purrrrrrrrrrfect".

GrandMarnier and Tepr produce the music, while Budet writes the lyrics. We heart Budet.

Yelle - Comme Un Enfant Saint-Brieuc, Brittany

Monday, December 05, 2011

for sys

prolo - niðr´á str-Önd

Monday, November 28, 2011

New treats.

I have been listening to the music of Youth Lagoon, aka, 22 year old Trevor Powers for the last week. This last week I´ve found myself transfixed by the sound of it. ‘A Year In Hibernation’ the debut from Youth Lagoon, was released earlier this year. This will doubtfully grow on you and with some well deserved time, you will be rewarded.

Pitchfork review of Afternoon: "´Afternoon´ from Year also builds gradually, but right from the opening whistled riff, it's obvious that the stakes aren't as high. Which is not a bad thing: ´Afternoon´ bounces and stomps along, Powers' wavering, occasionally wordless vocals constantly present throughout. It's not always easy to make out his lyrics, but that's okay-- the feeling in his music is easy to find."

An incredibly honest set of songs, and an incredibly beautiful outcome.

Youth Lagoon - Afternoon Boise/Idaho

Youth Lagoon - Cannons Boise/Idaho

NEWSFLASH! Love love love Class Actress...
Playful, and sensual. Perfect song. Muy bonito <3

Class Actress - Weekend Brooklyn/NY

Sunday, November 20, 2011

With a Boom & Bang.

Corinne, pronounced "ko-rin", " car-inn", "ker - in", "core - in", "core-rin", "caw-reen" or "co-reen", is a female name, and the French or English variant of Corina, meaning "beautiful maiden." This is a tale of chasing unattainable affection.

Metronomy - Corinne Lowonidonjon/UK

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

this is sooooo fucking beautiful.

I know it´s been two years since this came out, but nevertheless, I do like this, a lot, has

no pretensions to it, just glazed eyes, unkempt hair, the taste of wine, the smell of cigarettes, hole-in-the-wall diners, vintage clothes, guys kissing girls kissing guys, watching the sunset at an overlook in the city...not wanting to be anywhere but that moment with your you leave your self behind.

life is fucking beautiful.

Girls - Hellhole Ratrace SF/Cali


Dance is an art form that generally refers to movement of the body, usually rhythmic and to music, used as a form of expression, a social interaction.

120 Days - Osaka (diskjokke Remix) Oslo/Northoftheway

claire boucher likes ducks, i like grimes, ducks like me. ergo:

Grimes - Oblivion Montreal/Canada

hey . . .

Weeknd - Wicked Games Tronno/Canada

Jamaican filmmaker Storm Saulter was stirred to create his own scene of that drama, this time painted in glossy, wet color. He traveled with two cameras, his brother Niles, Claire Osman and actress Racquel Jones to Portland, Jamaica, hoping to create he says, “a moody, voyeuristic, sexy but sad,” pairing for “Wicked Games.” Jones’ acting is unnerving and committed. Watching, you hope she won’t pour her whole stash of champagne into the flower planter, and you wince when she laughs, then cries.

Welcome buck.

A stuttering, hypnotic duck free dance track. This song's production is so addictively bright and poppy: "Keep your body still/ Keep your body still", she sings, but here such a request is completely unmanageable. Nice track to start this week.

Phantogram - Don´t Move NY/US

Friday, April 08, 2011

disclam: it is very important to wear headwear while dancing wiff such point shoos!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

People like Grimes, apparently. They should.

Grimes’ Claire Boucher, a small woman with massive range, standing behind a series of keyboards, samplers and drum machines. Boucher cooed into a mic and manipulated her vocals as she went along, triggering each new element of her songs at will. It was difficult to know where her voice ended and the electronic gear took over, as her voice blended in with her expansive music. Despite pausing several times to ask the audience if the sound was all right, Boucher kept the momentum up throughout her set and certainly won over many in the crowd through her cute, diminutive personality, including me. I met up with her after the concert in Brooklyn.

*Intimate handshake*
Sty: This was special, you should visit us in Iceland during next Airwaves.
CB: Iceland, that´s so cuuute!
Sty: I was blown away by your confidence on stage...
CB: Yeah, I’m pretty confident, if the sound is good. I don’t really trust sound guys. I try as often as possible to get Sebastian, who runs my record label, to do sound because he’s really good at it and he knows my set-up really well.
CB: (Laughs) It’s kind of intense right now, though.
Sty: You could deff need some help, you have so much going on at the same time. I saw you lean over and press buttons on the equipment with the same hand that you’re holding the microphone with.
CB: Well, I kind of want a guy that could do all that shit, but I like seeing shows where the person is doing everything, because I feel like as soon you add more performers people start to assume something different.

At that moment next band stepped on stage and started, we made eye contact and she gave me a kiss on the cheek and took off...

Grimes - Vanessa Montreal/Canada

Thursday, March 24, 2011 insane it’s an enemy of Batman.

Childish Gambino - Freaks and Geeks NYC

However, he would probably qualify for Duke, nevertheless, he´s rapping intensely with crazy-ass lyrics.


Ear-catching, from the magnificent Modeselektor who are ripping up Roots Manuva‘s classic tune – ‘Witness’. Dub-Sick.

Roots Manuva - Witness (Modeselektor´s Troublemaker Remix) London/England

Bodyrox is the name for English house music DJ duo Jon Pearn and Nick Bridges. Pearn is also one half of the house duo Full Intention. The term "house music" may have its origin from a Chicago nightclub called The Warehouse which existed from 1977 to 1983.

Bodyrox feat. Luciana - Yeah Yeah


Pharrell Williams - My Drive Thru (aka the Converse Song) (Feat. Santogold+Julian Casablancas


Who is Yelawolf? A shotgun-toting, trailer park-repping, redneck apologist? Or the most literary MC in years; a southern gothic answer to Wu-Tang Clan? Yes and yes. Because he's white and raps fast, he's often compared to Eminem, but a more fitting comparison would be with Ozarks novelist Daniel Woodrell (Winter's Bone), who similarly brings to life complex characters living amid meth labs, poverty and violence. "Two men stand, one's gotta go/One falls down to the ground, one walks down to the road," he raps on his breakout track "Pop the Trunk." "In the valley of the hollowed fields, in the valley of the hollowed till/This ain't a figment of my imagination buddy, this is where I live."

Despite his downright egg-headed eye for description, as an Interscope artist who has collaborated with Gucci Mane, Big Boi and Slim Thug, Yelawolf fits comfortably into the Southern rap mainstream. Born Michael Atha, with a nickname that reflects the Native American heritage of the father who abandoned him, he has been able to claw his way into an industry typically more concerned with image than insight. Not that Yelawolf's appearance doesn't turn heads; with his long, greasy hair, thin frame, and tats that creep out from his clothes (including the word "red" on his neck), he embodies the culture he represents.

Born in Gadsden, Ala. — two hours due west of Atlanta — he lived all over the country before returning home not long ago, and has no problem reconciling his love for hip-hop with his love for his hometown. "There's just something special about my state," he says. "You might see some guys with a big old rebel flag on their truck, but they'll be playing some Triple 6 Mafia, or UGK, or Lil Boosie. All they listen to is rap. It's intriguing, but it's also cool as fuck."

Yelawolf - Daddy´s Lambo Gadsden, Alabama


Yelawolf ft. Gucci Mane - I Just Wanna Party from Motion Family on Vimeo.

Wednesday, March 09, 2011


I came across this band, Class Actress, at the Mercury Lounge NY in December 2009. We decided to go to the venue at East Houston St. to meet up with friends to see The Acrylics. But for me, Elizabeth Harper and the Class Actress was the highlight of the night. They’re a three piece electro pop group from Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The signature to the sound is Harper’s sultry, listless voice, paired with vintage synths.

"Hey Elizabeth! Where does the name come from?"

"Hey you too! Well, I just like the double S on the class and the actress".

Class Actress - Someone Real Brooklyn/NY

This is dance music with despondency.


Posted before:

The video is pure sex. Not in the gratuitous way, but in a claustrophobic, sensual mess of fingers and legs and hair kind of way. Incidentally that's exactly what this entails. A montage of fishnets, tussled hair, lips, necks, and fingers under a red filter. It fits in pretty nicely with the dark, shifting Ratatat-style synths accompanying singer Elizabeth Harper.

Class Actress - Journal of Ardency Brooklyn/NY

Tuesday, March 08, 2011


In July 2009, it was revealed that Béatrice Martin had been a nude model for the alt-porn website GodsGirls when she was a minor, under the name Bea. About 800 naked pictures were featured on the website for many months. GodsGirls removed the pictures at her record company's request when she signed her contract but the pictures keep reappearing on the web via some blogs and forums throughout the years.

In November 2009, she confessed, on the set of the TV show Tout le monde en parle, that these pictures were taken two and a half years before, confirming that she was a minor at the time, and said that she was young.

Coeur de Pirate - Comme des Enfants Montreal/Canada

Monday, March 07, 2011

Herro Yerre.

Let´s have merron.

Tchicki Tah Man no good for you. I can pray your keyboard.

Yelle - Safari Disco Club (HLM remix) Saint-Brieuc/France
Yelle - Safari Disco Club Saint-Brieuc/France





The Young Punx, Amanda Fucking Palmer & Peaches - Map Of Tasmania (club mix) Hairy Valley/Vaginia

Friday, February 18, 2011

friday dancings

Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All aka Odd Future

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

A Mixed Bag of Assorted flavours pt.2

The Men: Bataille

David Vandervelde: Wave Country

True Tiger: Slang Like This

International Dance list 4 monf off february 2k11

3rd place::



Wacka Wacka Flame: Hard in the Paint

Friday, January 28, 2011


is an audible expression of happiness, or an inward feeling of joy. It may ensue from hearing a joke, being tickled, or other stimuli. It is in most cases a very pleasant sensation.

Laughter is found among various animals, as well as in humans. Among the human species, it is a part of human behavior regulated by the brain, helping humans clarify their intentions in social interaction and providing an emotional context to conversations. Laughter is used as a signal for being part of a group—it signals acceptance and positive interactions with others. Laughter is sometimes seen as contagious, and the laughter of one person can itself provoke laughter from others as a positive feedback. This may account in part for the popularity of laugh tracks in situation comedy television shows.

Josef K: Sorry For Laughing

Friday, October 08, 2010

Fuckk hell !!! Airwaves!!!

Tis best to start musicblogging.

Dominique Young Unique - Show My Ass Tampa/FL

Thursday, September 02, 2010


Timber Timbre: Magic Arrow

Friday, July 23, 2010

High Definition Summer Shine Like Eagle Soars

use sunscreen

Every1 should follow these basic heat (hat) safety tips in order to avoid overhotness and possible death.

  • Dance lightly and when sleeping use lightweight breathable dance attire.
  • Bathe self and/or others in plenty of water and other watety fluids.

  • People who live in homes with no hats available for others should try other methods of sunblocking/exposing. Experimentation is key. Noone dislikes when substitutes create wonderments.
  • Use a fan. Don’t place the fan directly in front of you because it may block the warming rays of the sun. Try placing the fan so that it encourages sunshine on positive notes.
  • Move your having good time routine to early morning or later in the evening – even swimming. swimming pool dangers related to heat exposure do occur rapidly.

Lastly, it’s smart to know the signs of hot exposure. Just in case. Even if you’re trying to follow the above summer heat safety tips, mistakes can happen. For example, if you happen to be at the park, and forget the time, someone may become overheated. Heat exhaustion signs will appear first, and then heat exposure signs signal heat is exposed.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

In recent study published in the Archives of Ophthalmology (Arch. Ophthalmol. 2008;126:102-9) gathered from the Women's Health Study, e and the carotenoid lutein were both found to be associated with a reduced risk of cataracts.

The Women's Health Study (WHS) was a randomized, placebo-controlled trial involving nearly 40,000 women health professionals aged 45 years and older at inception of the study in 1993.
In this recent study gathered from the WHS, the researchers assessed the antioxidant intake (from food and supplements) of 35,551 women and followed them for an average of ten years. They divided the women's intake into 5 groups, ...groups with the lowest intake, to the next highest intake, to the next highest intake, etc. When women with the highest intake of lutein/zeaxanthin (mean intake of 6.7 mg/day) were compared to the group with the lowest intake (mean of 1.2 mg/day) they found an 18% decrease in the risk of cataracts.
Similarly, when women in the highest intake group of e (mean 262 mg/day, or 390 IU/day; 1 mg alpha-tocopherol = 1.49 IU) were compared to women in the lowest intake group of e (mean 4.4 mg/day, or 6.5 IU/day), there found a 14% decrease in cataracts.

This study adds to existing observational studies that xanthophyll carotenoids lutein (and its stereo-isomer, zeaxanthin) may delay cataract formation. (BTW, in animal studies, grape seed extract has been found to reduce the formation of cataracts as well.) Lutein and zeaxanthin concentrate in the tissues of the eye, ...including the lens and retina.
For optimal eye health of the lens and retina (macular degeneration is the number one cause of blindness after the age of 40), as well as maintaining health in a time of increasing risk of chronic degenerative disease, I recommend an optimal intake of various antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and essential fatty acids.

Friday, January 08, 2010


So we plucked John Raynor in the Rule 5 draft, huh? Nothing like digging for minimum wage players to fill gapping holes in the major league roster, I always say. Since we absolutely refuse to pony up for a professional baseball player with some credentials, I guess it’s probably better we have Raynor around to fill in for Cutch some than to force us to watch Tabata or Milledge in center. OMG would that be a joke, or what? It’s not like Raynor’s fringy glove will be much better at PNC, but maybe his speed will keep the hitter to a double instead of a triple?

Coeur De Pirate: Comme Des Enfants (Le Matos Andy Carmichael Remix)